Declaration of Intent

With this blog, it is my purpose to fully disclose any personal views I have on the social economic world picture as I currently see it, and to propose ways which we can improve upon it. The intent is to clearly lay out my personal thoughts in a broader scale and help bring new ideals to the province of Newfoundland & Labrador, the country of Canada, and indeed to the world.

As a brief background on where things are headed, everything on this blog will be backed by a personal belief that the country of Canada (and most other countries) has shifted, either willingly or unknowingly, to a new set of ideals. Much of this shift was to the detriment of the citizens which reside here, and many do not even realize a shift has happened. While Canada's democracy is still labelled as a 'Constitutional Monarchy', it has become clear to me and many others, that in essence we are truly governed under a 'Corporatocracy', where corporate interests rule. The same label can be applied to the entirely of the world as we are all currently locked within a this global social economic paradigm.

The solutions that I propose in the these posts will be guided mostly by a fundamental belief of Liberty above all. While I refuse to label myself in any way, or be labelled by anyone else, the Libertarian belief that 'individual rights are supreme above all else and with those rights comes the responsibility to respect the equal rights of other individuals' is one which I strongly align with. Every new idea or observation which I propose will be inspired mostly by this underlying belief, combined with a deep non violent drive towards peace and prosperity for all.

Like anyone anywhere, I can only be as good as the knowledge I have at any given time. I do not pretend to have all the answers, but I do declare to do everything I can to contribute to this society. It is only with an engaged and educated citizenry that any democracy can truly work, and with that thought, I set out to engage and educate others in hopes they will do the same. We, the people, have the power and it is time we start using it for the greater good. True everlasting change is obtainable, but as Einstein once said "The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."

These are my views. These are my solutions. This is my Liberty Manifesto.

NOTE: All views expressed on this blog are stickly my own, and do not represent any groups or organizations.

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