Saturday, January 5, 2013

On Discussing Reform

The next number of posts to this space will focus specifically on reform. These ideas are all ones which I feel will help us achieve greatness as a country, a province or as a society as a whole. I will be focusing on many broad topics at first and then moving onto some smaller items which fall within these wider reforms. They will all eventually be developed to the point that I essentially have a full 'Platform' of reform ideas for readers to chew on.

Before heading further into all this, I would like to reiterate that I do not pretend to have all the answers; far from it actually. I only have potential solutions which I will suggest based on the knowledge I possess at this time. Most of these ideas aren't even new ones, but a lot of the solutions are potentially ones not often discussed. As I post these topics, I do fully welcome any and all debate on the solutions presented, which I will then build upon if applicable, for future development of these ideas.

I also wish to acknowledge that reform will be extremely tough in today's world, so if we wish to push any true reform ideas into motion, it will take much hard work and determination. We all live in an increasingly united world, continually being pushed together into one entity, becoming so interlinked that it's challenging to see any sense of sovereignty any longer. The economic picture alone is so unified that any push for monetary or economic reform will be extremely difficult... which is disheartening. Reform to the magnitude I see must (in my opinion) begin with massive monetary and economic changes, first and foremost.Without tackling those incredibly huge issues, we may not get very far in other discussions.

Having said that, I will be beginning this quest of mine with election, parliamentary and democratic reforms before moving in monetary and economic ones, as I feel those are more logical places to start. In each of the coming posts, as the structure lets say, I plan on stating what I see as the problem, followed by the solutions I have for those problems. In each post, I'll also include some links to supporting information if at all applicable or possible. I can't say how long it will take me to get all this posted as many of the posts I wish to share are only in note form at the moment, but I will plug away at it as time allows. I hope you stick with me for the ride.

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